Mega Pak’s plastic waste recycling business is an inclusive project that is of immense value to the fight against environmental pollution and is vital for sustainable development and community empowerment. Mega Pak Zimbabwe was recognized for its plastic waste recycling efforts by being awarded the 2015 Environment Africa Corporate Champions Trophy


The company has converting and recycling factories for PET and HDPE /LLDPE waste with the majority of its waste coming from beverage companies, private bakeries, retailers, individual vendors and CBOs. This initiative is of immense benefit to the community and the environment as it enhances the aesthetic beauty and appearance of the environment by clearing it of plastic waste.


Mega Pak recognizes that the country is grappling with waste management issues owing to a number of factors and some of the problem waste streams are traceable back to us as the leading provider of plastic packaging solutions in the country. As a business, Mega Pak has taken a lead in creating and contributing to sustainable models of dealing with problems waste streams that are related to our business. For years, Mega Pak has been running a successful HDPE recycling plant that feeds on primary and secondary packaging supplied to the beverage and other industries such as HDPE beverage containers and bread crates as raw materials. The plant has the capacity to process xxx tonnes of HDPE waste thereby offering a sustainable return mechanism for damaged packaging material from the trade, which would otherwise have contributed to the escalating waste build up.


The business empowers communities by buying waste materials from them. Environmentally, the project is sustainable as it reduces the clogging of water drains due to the washing away of plastic materials. These activities promote employment through the value chain thereby reducing unemployment and directly benefiting the local communities. The company is also in compliance with environmental management standards and regulatory policies which then help reduce its environmental footprint.